Real World Manipulation skill poster

Yve creates a starfield in a designated direction that lasts for 15s. During this period, she can cast the Ultimate 15 times. Enemies that come in contact with the starfield will be slowed by 90% for 1.5s. (This only takes effect once on the same target.) (Tap): Deals 400 ( +120% Total Magic Power)(Magic Damage) in a designated area in the starfield. (Slide): Deals 130( +20% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage)every 0.45s to the targets in the designated area and slow the targets by 60% for 2.7s. During this period, Yve is immune to any airborne effects. The starfield will not be canceled when Yve gets controlled, however, she will not be able to cast in the process. When she is suppressed, the starfield will be canceled.

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