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S Tier
Strong heroes are also parf of meta champions and it is preferred to be selected at the beginning of matchmaking. They are the kind of heroes that can change the fate of the game in good hands.


Gold Lane
Gold Lane: Marksmen rely upon their Equipment. Take the Gold Lane farm quickly. Marksmen are relatively weak in the early game but can accumulate equipment items more quickly by killing the Siege Minions that offer extra gold and provide the team with a strong continuous damage ability in the late game

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I'm loyal to my nation.

Yi Sun-shin JP 03

A good army should be flexible, like water.

Yi Sun-Shin PT 02

Yi Sun-Shin TR 10

Keep fighting.. In my name.

Yi Sun-shin JP 09

Only by facing the enemy can one know his true self.

Yi Sun-Shin PT 03

Back Story

The City of the Dragon is located to the northeast of Cadia Riverlands, connecting the Frozen Sea and the Sea of Hope. It is the only permitted passage, for all ships sailing from Northern Vale to Cadia Riverlands and further south. The geological advantage allowed this city to develop foreign trade business, making it a prosperous harbor and a booming sea-port city. But this bursting city never had one day of peace, ever since its establishment. Pirates from the Frozen Sea and the Sea of Hope had been invading this city, raiding the harbor and plundering the merchant ships. After years of failed resistance, against the pirates, the people of the city built a mighty navy, the Panlong Fleet, to fight back the pirates and protect their homeland and trading routes. The general of this naval fleet, was the legendary hero, Yi Sun-Shin. Born and raised in the City of the Dragon, Yi Sun-Shin, grew up witnessing countless tragedies, happening around him- ships being raided and fishermen being murdered in cold blood, by the pirates. And so, the young Yi Sun-Shin made up his mind to become an admiral and protect his homeland. Yi Sun-Shin spent his entire childhood training and preparing himself for the future. He learned the techniques of sailing, archery and fighting. He even ventured into the Dragon's Altar and acquired all the knowledge he could, from the elders there. At the age of 18, Yi Sun-Shin finally joined the naval fleet, though, he was just a sailor at that time. In the next decade, Yi Sun-Shin followed the fleet to numerous battles, traveling between the Frozen Sea and the Sea of Hope and fought the notorious pirates. He showed unprecedented wisdom and leadership in the fights, and gradually, after years of battle, became the Captain of the entire Panlong Fleet. Under the command of Yi Sun-Shin, the legendary fleet defeated the pirates time and time again, driving almost all of the pirates back into the Sea of Hope and restoring peace, to this once devastated City of the Dragon. As Yi Sun-Shin kept launching assaults, the pirates fell into a period of desperation. The desperation that they couldn't win against Yi Sun-Shin had also made one thing clear, if they still wanted to dominate the ports of the City of the Dragon, they had to take Yi Sun-Shin down. However, they knew that they couldn't defeat him on within sea. So, like the wicked pirates, they were, they resorted to trickery. Dressed in disguise, the buccaneers infiltrated the City of the Dragon and spread rumors, claiming that Yi Sun-Shin wasn't content with leading, just the naval fleet but wanted to rule the entire City of the Dragon and the Sea of Hope instead, after achieving something this extraordinary. Exactly as expected by the pirate, the rulers of the city took the gossips as accusations, and the rumors as truths. In no time, they dismissed Yi Sun-Shin from his duty and made him a commoner. Seeing this, the treacherous pirates moved on to their next part of the plan. They spread another rumor saying that the pirates were assembling at the Frozen Sea, which was a chance to hunt them down, once and for all. Despite how strongly Yi Sun-Shin advised against it, the ruler took the bait and sent most of the Panlong Fleet to this mission, leaving only a few vessels behind, to protect the harbor. But what they didn't know was the pirates of the Frozen Seas and the Sea of Hope joined forces and set up a trap at the northern part of the Frozen Sea, waiting for the fleet to fall right into it. The battle was a massacre. Without Yi Sun-Shin to lead, the rudderless navy was no match for the pirates, many veterans drowned to death and most of the battleships sank. Flanked by the coalition of pirates, the once legendary navy was nearly wiped out. Soon after these events, the victorious coalition of pirates sailed into the City of the Dragon, threatening to return and leave the place in ruins. Without a navy to protect them, the people of the city were frightened. Many civilians considered abandoning the homeland they had build. Some, even suggested that the city should give all their properties to the pirates, in exchange for their lives. It was at this desperate moment that Yi Sun-Shin stood up for his people, yet again. He gave a motivational speech, restoring hope and morale to those who tried to run away or surrender. He mobilized the civilians and armed them. Soon he formed a new fleet consisting of many fishing boats and a few battleships. When the coalition of pirates were at their doorstep, Yi Sun-Shin led this new fleet to confront them, making a stank in his final fight, knowing he would have to sacrifice his life, for the greater good. Yi Sun-Shin commanded his own ship to charge ahead and lead the way, despite the heavy artillery firing, from the pirate ships. Encouraged by Yi Sun-Shin's heroic actions, the brave men of Panlong sailed forward and miraculously won the battle, even after being in an extremely outnumbered situation. The coalition of the pirates consisting of more than a hundred and fifty battleships was defeated by just twelve vessels and some fishing boats. The pirates, who were in control of the two seas, were devastated in this battle and had become incapable of invading the City of the Dragon for at least, the next dozens of years to come. As for Yi Sun-Shin, he rebuilt the Panlong Fleet, for the sake of the City of the Dragon and kept his watch over the seas.
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