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Wanwan reveals the Weakness and the position of enemy Heroes hit by her weapons. She deals True Damage equal to 2.5% of the targets' Max HP when hitting their Weaknesses. If she hits all Weaknesses of skill posterWanwan throws a Fire Swallow in a designated direction, dealing 100/120/140/160/180/200 Physcial Damage to enemies along the path and triggering Tiger Pace. For every several seconds, Wanwan retrieves skill posterWanwan removes all CC from herself immediately, triggers skill posterWanwan activates her crossbow and shoots arrows at enemies for 2.5/2.5/2.5s. Each arrow deals 60/75/90 Physical Damage. While the crossbow is activated, if Wanwan kills an enemy hero, she will switch  skill poster

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S Tier
Strong heroes are also parf of meta champions and it is preferred to be selected at the beginning of matchmaking. They are the kind of heroes that can change the fate of the game in good hands.


Gold Lane
Gold Lane: Marksmen rely upon their Equipment. Take the Gold Lane farm quickly. Marksmen are relatively weak in the early game but can accumulate equipment items more quickly by killing the Siege Minions that offer extra gold and provide the team with a strong continuous damage ability in the late game

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Wouldn't it be fun to see Ling in a cute skirt? Oh.. please!

You're so good at telling lame jokes, Zilong

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My aim is Impeccable!

Back Story

In the south of the Cadia Riverlands lies a picturesque land where the civilization of Ba and Shu lived. "The Land of Abundance" was what the natives called this place. Tangmen, a faction that was known for their hidden weapons and skilled craft, originated from this land. However, Tangmen's new leader found out that many people often used Tangmen's crafts and hidden weapons to do evil, which was running against his will. Because of that, he decided to disband his faction and exiled himself to the forest, in a place of solitude with his daughter. Since birth, Wanwan lived together with her father. The forest was her home and she spent a lot of time hunting and training there. On her fifth birthday, her father gave her a set of needles as a birthday gift that was made from a particular silver found at the bottom of the sea. That day, he also revealed the history of the Tangmen to her. This set of Needles was a valuable and secret weapon created by Tangmen, which consisted of a total of 81 needles. Tangmen's skilled craft forged the Needles into a lethal weapon, killing anyone who dared to challenge its power. Wanwan's father told her to use the weapon only if she was in danger. That's the first lesson her father taught her. One day, Wanwan and her father found Black Dragon at the bottom of a cliff. It is the first time that Wanwan saw a person who was injured so badly, and she couldn't bear to leave him alone. With the help of her father, She carried the Black Dragon to their home and took care of him. The Black Dragon was moved by this kind-hearted girl and opened his mind to her. He spent many hours with the young girl, telling her his story, his dream, and his ambition, teaching her how to become more powerful. However, the Black Dragon left Wanwan a few months later without leaving any word, which made Wanwan sad for a long time. Ten years later, Wanwan grew up. Her skills with the darts became more pronounced, being able to split a drop of dew a hundred steps away into 2 with just a single dart. Her father told her not to show her formidable skills to others and to keep away from trouble. But Wanwan was too curious, and she wanted to travel the world. On the day Wanwan started her journey, her father gave her the most precious craft of Tangmen - the Crossbow of Tang, which could launch a rain of arrows to attack the enemy, and its power could scale along with the power of the handler. At the beginning of her journey, Wanwan heard a piece of astonishing news - The Black Dragon wanted to destroy the Dragon Altar and dominate the Cadia Riverlands. Wanwan couldn't believe, That her once closest friend would do such a thing. She decided to find the Black Dragon and seek out the truth. After many days of travel, she finally arrived at the Jaguar Peak, under the indication of the Black Pearl. Coincidentally, it was the rise of a solar eclipse. Wanwan believed that Solar Eclipse was a symbol of bad luck. As she ran along the mountains, she prayed for  Yu Zhong's safety, wondering if the rumors about  Yu Zhong were true and if yes, then what was in line for her. She jumped down the sides and kept running, in a hope of finding  Yu Zhong. However, she could feel a sinister atmosphere in the unusual darkness. She wondered if she had made the right choice, coming to this dangerous place, as she dived around the paths avoiding occasional rocks and lively vind whips that were slashing at her. Unfortunately, the unnatural vind whips outshone her agility and grasped hold of her feets. She was upturned and the whips started grasping a tighter hold on her. Hopelessly, Wanwan shouted out for help. Surprisingly, though, a spear blade cut through her whips and from the darkness emerged,  Zilong and  Baxia, the legendary Oriental Fighters.  Zilong brought her to safety and warned her of not being here. He advised Wanwan to leave right away. However, Wanwan did not oblige, she ran towards the Forbidden Area of the Dragon soul, thanking both  Zilong and  Baxia for their help. As Wanwan approached the Forbidden Area, she was surprised to be accompanied by  Ling,  Zilong and  Baxia. As they broke past the gates, Wanwan was shocked to see a familiar figure, standing in the middle of the place, holding a fiery weapon in his hands.  Zilong and  Baxia, tried to stop  Yu Zhong from summoning the power of the Black Fierce Dragon. However, he completely ignored them. Looking at him, Wanwan had tears in her eyes as she called out his name.  Yu Zhong turned to look at Wanwan, however, a little filled with grief, he addresses to everyone that this was his destiny.  Yu Zhong vowed to create a renovated and much powerful Cadia Riverlands, as the energy coursed through his body, transforming him into the Black Dragon. Most fearless of them all,  Ling lunged forward, in an attempt to stop  Yu Zhong, but an unknowing shield threw him aback. Outraged,  Ling dared the person to show themself and from the lights, emerged a female mage, the yin-yang geomancer,  Luo Yi. She summoned a powerful chaotic energy, blinding everyone, as the Black Dragon and  Luo Yi made their escape. Having witnessed rare things here, Wanwan decided to stay and train in the Dragon's Altar, as one of the Oriental Fighters and protect Cadia Riverlands from any threat, even if it might be from the Black Fierce Dragon,  Yu Zhong.
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