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Hero Tier

A Tier
These type of heroes are expected to perform just an average game performance because of their abilities and powers lower than the higher tier heroes.


Exp Lane
Exp Lane: Fighters rely upon leveling up fast to take advantage. Take the EXP Lane to level up faster and fight for the first Turtle. Fighters and some Tanks can both fight and tank and level up quickly by killing the Siege Minions that offer EXP. This can be a great help to the team in the early game and can help build up better solo capabilities in the mid and late game.

Recommended Emblems

Recommended Spells

Hero Sounds


Are you shivering?

Ruby JP 02

Ruby PT 00

Ruby TR 03


Ruby PT 09

Ruby TR 08

The hunt begins

Ruby JP 00

Back Story

It could have been just another peaceful night in a remote village, near the outskirts of the Dark Forest, but they were interrupted by the vicious howling of the wolves from afar. In a small cabin, a little girl was kneeling beside her bed, praying. Next to her stood a disproportionately giant scythes. Indeed, she was praying for the return of the legendary Hunter -  Roger. Only he could save the village from being vandalized by the wolves. Years earlier,  Roger had saved her family from a pack of wild wolves, whom they had accidentally encountered when wandering on the Land of Dawn. His bravery took a huge toll on the wolves. Under the request from the elders in the village,  Roger finally stayed to train the villagers. One day, he left the village without any notice, and no trace was to be found. What happened in the fairy tales can seldom be the same in reality. On a silent, moonless night, Pale Tusk, the new Wolf King, caught the village off guard and sneaked in with his kind. In the end, Ruby's grandfather and grandmother, both died, protecting Ruby, who in turn made a narrow escape by hiding under the corpse of her grandparents. No one could imagine, that from the moment she witnessed her grandparent's death, her character would change completely. Outraged, she got back on her feet, picked up the scythes, and to everyone's utter shock, rushed into the pack of wolves and slaughtered almost all of them. Under the seemingly weak appearance now lay an unsettling, irritable soul. Pale Tusk was the only survivor among the wolves. Staring at the skyline, Ruby was determined to put an end to everyone, responsible for the death of all those innocent and good people, including her grandparents. Pale Tusk was never defeated before, but this time it came in the severest way. But during an instance between of fight, Ruby hesitated to strike down the wolf, who seized the chance, knocked down Ruby by clawing her on the left eye. Surprisingly, Pale Tusk didn't go for the kill, but instead turned and fled. Ruby gradually regained consciousness after Pale Tusk left, but unfortunately, she lost one of her eye, in the battle. Now, whenever she hears the wolves howl, her eye becomes engulfed with rage and pain.
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