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S Tier
Strong heroes are also parf of meta champions and it is preferred to be selected at the beginning of matchmaking. They are the kind of heroes that can change the fate of the game in good hands.


Exp Lane
Exp Lane: Fighters rely upon leveling up fast to take advantage. Take the EXP Lane to level up faster and fight for the first Turtle. Fighters and some Tanks can both fight and tank and level up quickly by killing the Siege Minions that offer EXP. This can be a great help to the team in the early game and can help build up better solo capabilities in the mid and late game.

Recommended Emblems

Recommended Spells

Hero Sounds


You! will also be cursed!

Roger JP 05

Roger TR 05

Roger PT 08

You can't get away!

Roger JP 04

Roger TR 02

Roger PT 02

Roger JP 07

Back Story

Roger lived outside the Dark Forest to the east of the Megalith Wasteland. He was a hunter, rich in experience, and one who hunts for his livelihood. Many dangerous animals live within the dark forest, and the most fearsome among them aren't the rare magical creatures but the old wolf king "White Fang," who lead a merciless pack of more than one hundred strong wolves. They were a cooperative pack of predators under the control of their leader, White Fang, who also possessed the influence of an evil power that awakened magical abilities within him. To fulfill their hunting needs, the wolf pack gradually started prowling outside the boundaries of the Dark Forest, often attacking travelers on the road. In the spirit of justice, Roger planned to get rid of this public threat and tracked White Fang's steps. Roger caught up with and blindsided White Fang just as the Wolf King was about to devour a   little girl, Ruby. Roger shot the White Fang and ended his life by slitting open the wolf's belly. Roger had defeated White Fang, but the evil power lurking within White Fang contaminated the hunter. The evil powers were dark enough to prevent even a man with the purest of heart, a man who never forgets to say his prayers at night, from being able to avoid turning into a werewolf under the full moon. Under the moon's call, Roger was shocked to find out that the old legends were true. He had become a Lycanthrope, commonly known as werewolf. To avoid losing his senses while transformed and harming his family, Roger had no choice but to flee far away from his home.
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