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S Tier
Strong heroes are also parf of meta champions and it is preferred to be selected at the beginning of matchmaking. They are the kind of heroes that can change the fate of the game in good hands.


Gold Lane
Gold Lane: Marksmen rely upon their Equipment. Take the Gold Lane farm quickly. Marksmen are relatively weak in the early game but can accumulate equipment items more quickly by killing the Siege Minions that offer extra gold and provide the team with a strong continuous damage ability in the late game

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Moskov JP 03

Moscov TR 04

Moskov PT 02

Moskov PT 09

I long for peace in the heart.

Moskov JP 04

Moscov TR 02

Moskov PT 03

Death is quiet and pleasant.

Back Story

Moskov was born into the Wildsand tribe in northwestern Agelta. Like many ancient tribes, they subsided in their homeland for generations, nomads that lived in peace and freedom. The young Moskov, prince of the tribe, couldn’t stand the achingly dull pace of life. He would often head out adventuring in the deserts, and during these travels he was acquainted with the prince of Artha tribe,  Khaleed. The two like-minded young men soon became firm friends, always together and happy to discuss anything that came to their minds. When they broached the topic of power, however, the brave and aggressive Moskov showed a yearning for strength and might, believing that possessing ultimate power is the sole way he can protect everything he holds dear. Khaleed, one the other hand, maintained that neither power nor violence could ever solve their problems. Morality and justice were to him the sole truths of this world. Despite this slight divergence, their friendship was hardly affected, and they continued to explore the deserts and wastelands with their own entourages. However, these happy days would not last long. The drive for ambition had already sparked the flames of war. The savagely strong Thornwolf tribe initiated the conflict when they tried conquering the western lands in their entirety, to become the area’s ruthless overloads. Against the ferocious Thornwolves, Khaleed and Moskov led their people and those gathered from other tribes as a united front, storming into bloody battle to fight back the invaders. Both played to their strengths, Khaleed joining the main forces to command affairs, and Moskov joining the warriors upon the frontline. As the battles raged on, Khaleed steadily gained favor among the various tribes thanks to his outstanding abilities, and was elected a leader of their alliance. Despite his constant bravery and fighting spirit, Moskov was however left on the sidelines. Moskov took this entire affair as a huge injustice: he had always been the first to charge into battle, very often returning bathed in blood. Yet it was Khaleed who gained the recognition, the faith of the people, barely a thought spared of him. Moskov needed a chance to prove he was every bit Khaleed’s equal. The allied tribes had achieved a string of victories, and to escape the dead end they’d been forced into, the Thornwolves unleashed the ancient tyrant  Khufra, who had been sealed within the Ruins of Tivacan. Free once more, Khufra raised a fearsome sandstorm and swept forth with his army of sand monsters behind him. The allied tribes had not prepared for such an event, and to them it was a fearsome calamity. At a vital moment, Khaleed had to make a split-second decision, and he prepared to lead he tribes as they evacuated to preserve their strength. This was the opportunity that Moskov had been waiting for. To him, this was Khaleed proving a lack of leadership, a cowardice within; and a chance to build his own prestige instead. Moskov bellowed for the tribes to stay, and face the Thornwolf tribe and Khufra head-on. Yet the other tribe leaders were dismissive of Moskov’s call to action, and this was a great insult to Moskov’s pride. He lost all rational reasoning and wouldn’t let Khaleed talk him down, instead leading his own tribesmen in a charge into the boundless desert, all to prove that he was Khaleed’s equal. The sand monsters they faced in the endless desert flooded toward them, wave after wave. As he saw his kinsmen falling before him, Moskov started to see a reason once more, and felt remorseful for his actions. Despite this, however, he maintained that his friend Khaleed would surely lead his own troops in to reinforce him. As the enemies around continued to grow in number, and the tribesmen dwindled, this hope within Moskov began to flicker. He remorse and regret took its place, filling his heart. Ultimately, all that was left was a seething rage and despair for his unfair fate. Although seriously wounded, Moskov managed to break out of the tight encirclement, his allies defending his life with theirs. But Moskov could no longer trust a soul, and headed south toward the gargantuan crimson he saw high in the sky. He threw himself into the cracks of the Abyss. Covered in blood, Moskov dropped to his knees and sacrificed his soul before the great Abyss. And so, he was presented with a spear symbolizing death and destruction that appeared before him. From then on, the brave, bold desert warrior Moskov was no more. In his place stood the cold, ruthless Spear of Quiescence. Having fallen into the Abyss, he lost everything. All that remained was the deeply-ingrained pain and hatred he held inside. And he wished for nothing more than to take this pain and use its power to destroy the Thornwolves, destroy Khufra, and seek revenge for his fallen tribesmen.
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