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B Tier
Ineffectual Tier heroes are below average performing heroes and not much performance should be expected unless they are performing good team play.


Exp Lane
Exp Lane: Fighters rely upon leveling up fast to take advantage. Take the EXP Lane to level up faster and fight for the first Turtle. Fighters and some Tanks can both fight and tank and level up quickly by killing the Siege Minions that offer EXP. This can be a great help to the team in the early game and can help build up better solo capabilities in the mid and late game.

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Hero Sounds


Take another step and you'll regret it.

Traitors *laughs* they're all dead.

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Back Story

In the mysterious village of the East, there lived a hero; the Courageous Warrior, Minsitthar, who once saved his kingdom from danger. He was once the Prince of Mahar Pura, a rich and prosperous kingdom, with great historical position. Minsitthar served in the defense forces of the kingdom, from his youth. Given his remarkable achievements, after adulthood, he was respectfully called one of the Four Great Generals of Mahar Pura. Minsitthar was invincible in wars, which earned the trust of the King and his people. They deeply believed that Minsitthar would be the succeed the throne, after his father. Perseverant and courageous as he might be, he couldn't avoid, falling for a beautiful girl, whom he had met in the palace lakeside. However, his father, the king, knew about this very quickly. Minsitthar tried to convince his father, but still, the king strongly stood against his love. Enraged, his father picked up the Holy Spear and pointed it towards his son, launching it to the floor. His father couldn't be more furious and Minsitthar realised that his father had dried out all the trust and expectations towards him. Minsitthar knew that he had made an unrecoverable mistake and before resulting in further consequences, fled out of the palace in the dark night, along with his servants. It was the first time that he had left his homeland. But his exile had just begun. Years flew by and the king got serious disease. With only a few days of life left, the whole palace was covered in sadness and panic. Rebel and foes seized the moment and launched an attack, throwing the kingdom into chaos. Foreign forces started their invasion upon hearing the death of the king. Poor Mahar Pura was under the will of it's enemies and soon became devastated. Only a messenger of Minsitthar's brother, managed to escape the chaos and find the former prince of Mahar Pura. He conveyed the news of his father's death, telling the prince that the king had long ago forgiven him and that Mahar Pura was in grave danger, persuading Minsitthar to take the Holy Spear and come back to help them save the kingdom amd and it's people. Minsitthar unhesitatingly took the Holy Spear. Even after his painful past, he decided to stand out and serve his kingdom. Yet, upon his return, he and his brother had some disagreements in battlefield strategies, and his paranoid brother failed in his own plan and got killed by the rebelling army. However, Minsitthar united the soldiers and fought through countless battles, wiping out all the enemies with the Holy Spear his father passed down to him. Mahar Pura was at peace, again. Shortly after, Minsitthar ascended the throne and became the next king of Mahar Pura. The people of Mahar Pura deeply loved and respected Minsitthar. During the exile, he had witnessed many methods of ruling and he brought revolution and innovation to his kingdom. Soon later, Mahar Pura became a prosperous kingdom again.
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