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These type of heroes are expected to perform just an average game performance because of their abilities and powers lower than the higher tier heroes.


Roaming: Supports and Tanks don't need to rely upon Equipment. Roaming is a better way for them to protect their core allies. Roaming heroes generally excel at initiating teamfights or can provide strong buffs to allies. A great way to lead your team to victory is by utilizing their skills characteristics and looking for the right time to attack

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We'd better be on the road Clint, it's a long way.

Let's make our debut in this land!

Mathilda TR 03

Mathilda TR 12

I can't get more excited to get going now.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I can be faster!

Mathilda TR 04

Mathilda PT 08

Back Story

In the vast Western Desert, on a barren land with its back facing the mountains, there lived an ancient and simple tribe. For generations, they had kept the traditions of their ancestors, guarded their sacred mountains, and lived hard but quiet lives. Mathilda and her family were members of this tribe. Mathilda's father, Thasgard, was the leader of the entire tribe. He was brave, upright and responsible, and bore the burden of the tribe’s survival firmly on his shoulders. Under his influence, little Mathilda had developed a similar personality to her father, and was deeply proud of him. One day, a group of sand hunters from Los Pecados broke into this closed-off tribe and disrupted the peace they had maintained for hundreds of years. The group of sand hunters lost their way in the desert chasing giant beasts. They were discovered by Mathilda's tribesmen right as they were on the cusp of death. The tribesmen brought them back to the tribe. However, the expectations of the kind and innocent aboriginal tribesmen were shattered when their kind deeds were returned in the form of unforgivable atrocities. These were not ordinary sand hunters, but those of the "iceberg sand hunting group" under Waldo Kane, the most powerful boss in Los Pecados. These guys not only sought life in the desert, but also did a lot of dirty work and sinful deeds. Despite being in a state close to death, some veterans of the sand hunting group developed an idea in their minds as soon as they saw the mountains behind the tribe: under this seemingly ordinary mountain range there were countless gold mines that could bring them a steady stream of wealth. Under the care of the aboriginal tribesmen, the sand hunters quickly recovered and left the tribe under their guidance. Before leaving, they promised to repay everyone. However, Mathilda’s tribesmen did not receive the reward they deserved, but were instead subject to a sinful invasion. The sand hunters who walked out of the desert quickly reported the news to Waldo Kane. On Kane's instruction, Kane’s nephew Blandy returned to Mathilda's tribe with a large number of thugs, preparing to take the entire mountain range by force. For Mathilda’s tribesmen, this was the tribe’s sacred mountain range, and no one was allowed to tread on it. The tribe patriarch Thasgard sternly rejected Blandy's coercion and temptation, and asked him and his thugs to leave their homeland immediately. Blandy, who had always traversed Los Pecados without a care, became enraged. He drew a gun and shot Thasgard, wounding him. He then gave him an ultimatum: Either leave the tribe’s land within a month and give up the gold mine at the back of the mountain range, or be wiped out together with his tribe. Their patriarch now injured, the tribesmen, having lost their leader, fell into panic and confusion. More and more people began to advocate leaving the village to avoid further loss. Facing the retreating tribe, little Mathilda stood up, denounced their weakness, and called on everyone to take up arms and use their own strength to defend their homeland. On one side was the small, weak Mathilda, and on the other side was the powerful sand hunter group and their gang of thugs. The tribesmen chose to be silent one after another, and began to quietly pack their things and prepare to leave the tribe. Little Mathilda left the tribe in disappointment. She firmly believed that justice must exist in this world. For this reason, she began to wander the vast west, looking for people who could truly help the tribe. While marching to a small town not far from Los Pecados, Mathilda’s sense of justice got the better of her and she ended up in a dispute. Mathilda stood up and resisted the bullying perpetrators in front of her. Mathilda was outnumbered, but then, an old cowboy with a stubbled face appeared and repelled the bandits. He then teamed up with Mathilda and went with her. It was none other than  Clint, an old cowboy who had come to seek Blandy for revenge. After learning about what happened to Mathilda and her people, Clint, also with a strong sense of justice, decided to help Mathilda and fought alongside her to defend their homeland. In the battle to defend her homeland, Mathilda established a deep relationship with  Clint,  Claude and others. After a tough ordeal, the brutal Blandy was defeated, and the bandits' covetous hopes of gaining the sacred mountain range were shattered. The tribe restored the peace it had held in the past and Mathilda was summoned by the sacred mountain range. Upon entering the sacred mountain, she inherited a mysterious power that no one had inherited for hundreds of years. For Mathilda, a great adventure had only just begun. In the setting sun, she bid farewell to her family and chose to go on the road with  Clint, because she firmly believed that in this world, there were even more oppressed people out there waiting for justice to come, and she would do all she could to help them get it.
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