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Thalassophobia Every 30 seconds, Kadita receives Blessing from the Might of the Ocean. In 4 seconds after taking Damage, she regenerates 65% of HP reduced within the skill's duration. skill posterOcean Oddity Kadita becomes a mermaid and summons an ocean wave. She then rides on the wave, dealing 265/310/355/400/445/490 points of Magic Damage and slow the enemies by 70%/70%/70%/70%/70%/70%.She  skill posterBreath of the Ocean Kadita summons an ocean wave to mark a designated area. After a period of time, the wave surges out of the ground to deal 350/380/410/440/470/500 points of Magic Damage and knocks  skill posterRough Waves With the might of the ocean at her command, Kadita summons a tsunami to crush nearby enemies. Each wave deals 300/330/360 points of Magic Damage. The more waves an enemy takes, the more da skill poster

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A Tier
These type of heroes are expected to perform just an average game performance because of their abilities and powers lower than the higher tier heroes.


Mid Lane
Mages take the Mid Lane and can swiftly clear lanes as well as backing up allies.After reaching a certain level. Mages can deal considerable AoE damage to clear lanes efficiently. It is recommended to take the advantage of the turrets to farm steadily in the early game and be ready to back up and roam in the middle game

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The ocean waves are so soothing.

Stop. And listen to my graceful songs.

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Back Story

The Queen of the Southern Seas, Kadita, was once the princess of a small island nation. Admired by everyone, Kadita was considered by all to be genuine, intelligent, and kind-hearted. However, fate often finds its way to hit people with strife. Kadita was no different. As the heir apparent to the king, a member within the royal family grew jealous of Kadita and conspired to ruin her — An unknown mage wielding the power of black magic viciously attacked the princess. Kadita came under a powerful spell that robbed her of all her beauty, giving her a strange skin disease in the process. The sorcerers of the kingdom tried everything they could think of to help their beloved princess, but no one could break the spell. Over time, the people's love for Kadita faded, causing her to lose power and confidence. Out of tremendous despair, Kadita trudged to a high cliff, facing the oceans and threw herself away into the stormy Southern Seas. However, Kadita was rescued by the ocean demons. Using the trident of the seas, the ocean demons were able to break Kadita's powerful spell and restore her to her past beauty. On that day, Kadita became the legendary Queen of the Southern Seas. Assuming all-new powers, Kadita became adept at controlling the ocean waters and the weather. One day a royal ship, carrying the wicked mage and some of Kadita's conspirators was passing by the Southern Seas. Suddenly, a massive storm blew the ship apart, rowing all the royals in it, to the bottom. Everyone though it was an unfortunate coincidence but instead, it was Kadita, who was seeking her vengeance. Sailors from all corners of the world came to fear the Southern Seas any longer. Survivors recanted their experiences after facing Kadita. Some say she had the appearance of a strange mermaid, while others said she was more beautiful than the princess they knew before. As stories of Kadita began to spread, legends say that she possesses seven legendary spears, each with its own unique abilities, used to punish any invaders who intended to violate the Southern Seas. As the story goes, Kadita collected the seven spears while guarding the Southern Seas. However, no one had the power to control all seven spears at once, except for Kadita.
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