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A Tier
These type of heroes are expected to perform just an average game performance because of their abilities and powers lower than the higher tier heroes.


Mid Lane
Mages take the Mid Lane and can swiftly clear lanes as well as backing up allies.After reaching a certain level. Mages can deal considerable AoE damage to clear lanes efficiently. It is recommended to take the advantage of the turrets to farm steadily in the early game and be ready to back up and roam in the middle game

Recommended Emblems

Recommended Spells

Hero Sounds


Thank me, my lowly opponent.

My.. empire...

Harith JP 07

Harith PT 02

Harith PT 14

Magic is my life.

For the glory of the.. empire...

Harith PT 08

Harith TR 11

Back Story

Legends say that an ancient race of elves reside in the Land of Dawn's Enchanted Forest. The stories often depict this cat-like race as small in stature, agile, playful, independent, and highly intelligent. However, few are aware of the longstanding alliance between the Leonin Elves and the Moon Elves. From a young age, Harith surpassed his peers in talent and wisdom. He quickly became the strongest mage among the Leonins, perhaps as strong as other in the Land of Dawn. Although, the Leonins never step foot outside of the Enchanted Forest, living a peaceful and safe life on their own. The Leonins became so complacent with their blissful existence that they no longer pursed the magic arts, a hallmark of their people. Harith became very discontent with this trend and confidently set out of the Enchanted Forest to see the outside world at the young age of 15. Harith was driven by his and passion for the magic arts, aspiring to become his people's leader in magic. Harith arrived the Land of Dawn's capital, where he joined armies to fight off the invading orc tribes. Proving himself in battle, Harith gained the recognition of  Tigreal, who came to appreciate Harith's lovely spirit and strong abilities. People say, Harith was given the rank of lieutenant and will soon be appointed as an Imperial Master of Magic of the Moniyan Empire. With that said, Harith has imperial authorization to use magic to control space and time to unlock the Secrets of Dawn to seal away evil and protect justice. Full of excitement and fervor, Harith also knew that once he is appointed the title of Master of Magic that he will become a target of public criticism. Committed to his dream of becoming his people's leader in magic, Harith fearlessly marched forward alone. Over time, Harith discovered that his life was consumed by his mission and by the empire. Harith slowly grew lonely and reclusive. Even when he met his fellow Leonin,  Nana, he was unable to maintain a normal conversation. Despite Nana showing signs of affection towards him, he could not express his feelings, believing that the best way to protect her from criticism was for him be alone. After all, whenever the empire needed magical assistance, the Master of Magic was on the job to seal away the dangers of evil.
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