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Ineffectual Tier heroes are below average performing heroes and not much performance should be expected unless they are performing good team play.


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Gold Lane: Marksmen rely upon their Equipment. Take the Gold Lane farm quickly. Marksmen are relatively weak in the early game but can accumulate equipment items more quickly by killing the Siege Minions that offer extra gold and provide the team with a strong continuous damage ability in the late game

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Ninjutsu, is the ultimate weapon.

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Back Story

Hidden among the rocky deep mountain valleys and lush woodlands in the northern part of the Cadia Riverlands is the home village to ninjas—the Scarlet Shadow. After millennia, two schools of ninjutsu emerged: one became known as the Scarlet Sect and the other, the Shadow Sect. The former advocated using all kinds of ninja equipment, while the latter focused on intent study into ninjutsu itself. Having learned many horrid lessons from ninjas fighting each other, the two sects came to an agreement to send their children to receive trainings from the other side. The arrangement was not only a way to exchange ideas and skills, but to form special bonds among their younger generations. As the oldest daughter of the Scarlet Supreme Grandmaster, Hanabi had been raised as the successor to her father's position and exhibited extraordinary talent that far exceeded any of her peers. And it wasn't until the arrival of a young ninja from the Shadow Sect had Hanabi realized she was met with a strong rival... The boy named  Hayabusa was the younger son of the Shadow Supreme Grandmaster. Although he was from the Shadow Sect that emphasized physical and mental strengths, he had an exceptional understanding of the Scarlet ninja equipment and showed great potential only a few months into the training. Hanabi wasn't particularly concerned about this potential challenger at first until an ordinary training session at night. She was unexpectedly defeated by  Hayabusa... Even though it was only during training, the proud Hanabi couldn't accept the humiliation of losing a fight. Whenever the moon was full, she would try to find ways to provoke  Hayabusa into dueling with her, and yet she couldn't win one single battle against this boy who seemed to be integrated with his shadow. In vexation, Hanabi continued to goad him on to more fights, only to be irked even more by  Hayabusa's calmness and composure. Therefore, the grumpy girl and the withdrawn boy gradually grew up in these silent fights. Soon the two rivals reached adolescence. They still didn't talk to each other, but the duel every full moon night became an unspoken routine of communication. Although Hanabi could occasionally win in a fight,  Hayabusa had the upper hand most of the time. Whenever their duel ended, the two would lie on the tall rooftop, gazing up at the full moon in the sky, the reflection of the silver moonlight in  Hayabusa's eyes slowly burning into Hanabi's mind before she could notice... In other times they would exchange a few words that seemed like a conversation, but could also be said to themselves. The words Hanabi said the most were: "I'm going to be Akakage", while  Hayabusa would often snort in response or say: "I'll find that guy." As for who that guy was, Hanabi had never heard him explain. Hanabi was aware of her feelings for  Hayabusa, but her pride as a girl wouldn't allow her to directly speak her mind, and the ninja training she'd received taught her to never reveal her emotions. Again and again, she'd stare at  Hayabusa's back as he was leaving and say to herself: "When I win against you next time, you'd understand my feelings..." The day of the coming-of-age ceremony just so happened to coincide with the full moon's eve. Hanabi dressed up and carefully prepared a bento of red bean rice... To make this bento, Hanabi's beautiful hands that often used signs to release ninjutsu were covered in cuts and burns. Failed experiments piled up in the kitchen one after another... Finally, Hanabi made a satisfactory bento as sweat dripped down her face. She let out a sigh of relief before looking up to see the downpour in the darkness outside her window. She rushed into the rain without an umbrella, clutched the red bean rice bento close to her chest and ran through the roads of the Scarlet Shadow. As heavier raindrops fell from the sky, she eventually found  Hayabusa, but the Onmyouji girl called  Kagura was leaning close to him holding her Seimei Umbrella... A thunderclap roared across the sky and a flash of lightning danced in the darkness of night. Frozen to the ground, Hanabi told herself: "  Hayabusa saw me. I can't run away!" She forced herself to walk up to them, each step feeling like a trample on her heart. It wasn't until she stood before  Hayabusa with a blank expression did she realize she was still holding the bento box meant to express her feelings... Hanabi ignored the umbrella  Hayabusa handed over and coldly nodded to him like she would on the training ground, before quickening her steps to hide in the rain. The rain stopped and night wind blew away the dark clouds, silver moonlight glowed over Hanabi's face as she was drenched in water. On the high rooftop, she gazed up at the full moon, tears rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably... After that night,  Hayabusa left the Scarlet Shadow and Hanabi had never seen him since. Hanabi took on the name Scarlet years later and finally learned the truth behind  Hayabusa's leaving: he was destined to carry the burden of hunting down the demonic  Hanzo. On another full moon night, Hanabi stared into the distance on a high rooftop alone: "All our friends that grew up with us are here, except for you, who drifted far away with the cherry blossoms..." "  Hayabusa, be careful out there and come back alive. I'll be waiting — our duel isn't over, and I will be the strongest ninja to take on the name Akakage!"
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