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Vicious Retrieval When units die near Faramis, they leave their souls at the spot. By retrieving the souls, Faramis recover HP by 150 points. Each soul shortens Faramis's resurrecting time by 5%~7% (U skill posterShadow Stampede Faramis enters the Shadow State, increasing Movement Speed by 70%/70%/70%/70%/70%/70% and 50/60/70/80/90/100 points of Physical and Magic Defense for 3/3/3/3/3/3s. Faramis leaves the M skill posterGhost Bursters Faramis extracts a burst of Evil Spirits in a fan-shaped area in front of him. The outburst deals 330/366/402/438/474/510 points of Magic Damage, then the burst splits to deal extra 275 skill posterCult Altar Faramis summons an altar that lasts 10/10/10 seconds. Allied heroes who are eliminated within this altar will immediately resurrect, obtaining 80%/90%/100% HP and 100%/100%/100% Attack. The skill poster

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These type of heroes are the least useful and not recommended to use in the game.


Roaming: Supports and Tanks don't need to rely upon Equipment. Roaming is a better way for them to protect their core allies. Roaming heroes generally excel at initiating teamfights or can provide strong buffs to allies. A great way to lead your team to victory is by utilizing their skills characteristics and looking for the right time to attack

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Never beg for your life!

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*laughs* I possess the most powerful magic!

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Back Story

Far from the Moniyan Empire stands an ancient castle. This castle had a glorious history, even comparable to the Moniyan Empire. Unfortunately, the castle collapsed overnight, as if it had suddenly disappeared. It's tall gray walls were covered with dark black vines, which were more horrifying and strange, under the moonlight. The breath of death and the smell of blood made the creature close to this ancient building, shudder and keep away. It seemed that the owner of the castle had set up a trap, waiting for their prey to fall for it. A man wearing a cape of feathers, stood on a distant hill, looking at this deadly castle. He silently whispered the name of the castle, Necrokeep, as he tried to recall the memories of his past, only to be filled with pain all over his body, again. This pain awakened his inner hatred. As the most prominent magician of the time, Faramis was the only survivor of that disaster. A few years ago, the Queen of this castle—  Vexana cursed her soul to save the fallen king, her husband. After the Queen became corrupted, the Abyss gained the ability to dominate the country. The whole castle was enshrouded in darkness, and the country was in chaos. Regardless of Faramis's efforts to save  Vexana and restore her, she still didn't get better. Faramis kept trying all kinds of methods, hoping to cure the corrupted kingdom. Over time, it did nothing to alleviate the disease. On the contrary,  Vexana gradually became eroded by this dark energy and became a full-fledged monster. Gradually, this terrible rumor spread throughout the Land of Dawn. The Moniyan Empire led their army to capture this place. For the peace of the mainland, the Imperial knights had to slay all the infected people here. Faramis tried to stop them and pleaded to the empire, telling them to show mercy on the infected people, since they were citizens from his hometown and included his friends and family, but was forcefully rejected. Instead, the Imperial knights ignored his pleas and chained Faramis in a heavily guarded laboratory. Faramis could only watch the whole castle being smeared with charcoal. When the army of the Empire retired three days afterwards, Faramis miraculously climbed out of the ruins of the castle. The castle was already unrecognizable. In order to survive, Faramis found the magic book of his life records, in the ruins. In the days of his exile, he tested crazy dark magic on himself, constantly exploring ways with which he could live within his own body and creating more aggressive magic. The years of suffering had also turned him into a vengeful creep who would neither forget nor forgive, any of the warriors from the Moniyan Empire. With the book of resurrection in hand, he understood that he was using forbidden and unknown dark magic. Still, the chains in his body reminded him of the suffering from the empire, pushing him for the rest of his life, to plot a devastating assault against the Empire...
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