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A Tier
These type of heroes are expected to perform just an average game performance because of their abilities and powers lower than the higher tier heroes.


Mid Lane
Mages take the Mid Lane and can swiftly clear lanes as well as backing up allies.After reaching a certain level. Mages can deal considerable AoE damage to clear lanes efficiently. It is recommended to take the advantage of the turrets to farm steadily in the early game and be ready to back up and roam in the middle game

Recommended Emblems

Recommended Spells

Hero Sounds


You are making me mad!

Chang'e JP 04

Chang'e PT 04

Chang'e TR 04

Chang'e TR 10

Ahhh..., I'm Sleepy

Chang'e JP 01

Chang'e JP 09

Chang'e PT 11

Back Story

Chang'e is the youngest disciple of the Great Dragon and from an early age, she exhibited amazing magical potential, quickly mastering the Great Dragon's greatest spell- The Scared Satellite. From then on, Chang'e earned the Great Dragon's eternal love. However, Chang'e had an energetic and fun-loving personality that gave the Great Dragon quite a few headaches. Every time the Great Dragon, enjoyed a peaceful afternoon, he would most probably smell the rotten scent of trouble and soon enough, some of the servants in the Sanctuary would come running over to him, only to tell him that Chang'e had yet again caught up with some mischief, either shattering some antique vase, very dear to the Great Dragon's collection or running around the place with her jade bunny, making a mess of everything in her way. Finally, he realized that his old bones would be trampled in all this ruckus and asked  Zilong, his adopted son, to look after Chang'e. The Great Dragon knew that only  Zilong's patience could handle Chang'e and also was hopeful that  Zilong's diligent and determined character could help guide Chang'e.  Zilong came to love the vibrant and intelligent little rascal, Chang'e. They often spent countless hours together, practicing magic and finding divine creatures to play with and  Zilongwould occasionally play silly games with her, even if it meant a complete waste of time, for  Zilong. Chang'e also loved spending time with her big brother, Zilong. To make things productive,  Zilong began to teach her the art of Kung Fu and other things such as meditation and archery. Chang'e's favorite part of the day, however, was at the end of the training, when Zilong would carry her on his back on their way home. During the second War of the Planes,  Zilong received orders to assist the wise rulers of the land, traveling between the Land of Dawn. After he left, Chang'e returned to her naughty and childish ways. At one point, the Great Dragon was not sure if there would ever be another day of peace- That is, until something big happened and the servants came running over to him. Chang'e had swallowed all of his scared immortality pills by accident, thinking it was candy. The Great Dragon was furious, transforming into his dragon form, he scared Chang'e off her feet and immediately cast Chang'e out of his sanctuary ordering her to travel towards the Planes, to assist Zilong and atone for her mistakes, before she could return to the Sanctuary. Even then, the Great Dragon felt compelled to give Chang'e, his precious Crescent Moon to protect her. Letting Chang'e off, brought peace to the Great Dragon, but not happiness. He hoped that she would not consider him to have been too cold and hate him ever forward. However, Chang'e was excited to venture into the Land of Dawn, which she considered to be a place filled with lots and lots of new stuff. Mostly though, she was eager to see her big brother,  Zilong, again.
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